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vendredi 29 avril 2016

Horizon de Toscane

Une page pour le challenge ARTSY de PBS

Products :
A mix of aA Transfer from the palettes:
ArtPlay PaletteBeautifulDay
ArtPlay Palette Learn
Artplay Palette Among Friends
ArtPlay PaletteSpringDue
Artplay Palette Home
Artplay palette Anything

Paper : Dawn Inskip Grown in Greatbritain

GSO :  Finger Pointing pour cette page  ! ! 

Horizon de Toscane by clindoeil is such a beautifully serene page!  The gorgeous photo is blended perfectly and the textures and the text on the background paper create such a beautiful depth on the page.  That view (and the colors on this page) are just amazing!  Gorgeous page!

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